Hello there, my name is Dini Maulidya..

A little story about me, I’m a person who loves book and of course to read them all. I like writing too, that’s why sometimes writing something gives me peace of mind and I end up to create this blog. I Also loves travel and eat so many food! I write my travel experience in this blog too. And of course, when I hangout for culinary tasty food! #yum

From information technology I accidentally trapped in world of writing and now I found a new passion in my life that I want to explore more and more. I also have experience in writing, as content writer and content editor before. It’s like, I was trap in a nice place.

If you want to know about me more, you can find me on my social media account, or to know what am I doing in my working life.. kindly please check: my portfolio 🙂

or if have interest and want to join with another project just mail me on: dinifishy@gmail.com